AAF-Birmingham can’t serve its members without the help of its members. The Ann Halpern Service Award is a special award given out at the Ten Awards, an event honoring the crucial—and too often unsung—sales and service side of the industry. This award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated exceptional social responsibility in the community and exceptional service to AAF-Birmingham.

The Award

Past Winners

1996   Ann Halpern
1997    Carolyn Leath*
1998   Jim Wilson
1999   Laura Doumont
2000   Keith Williams
2003  Connie Blalock
2004  Wanda McKoy
2012  Satina Richardson
2013  Leigh Ann Motley
2014  Michelle Arena
2015  Ron Council*
2016  Michael McDonald
2017  Kristi Austin
2018  David McMath
2019  Dawn Taylor


Note: No awards were given in 2001 and 2002.